Wednesday, August 26, 2009

TCP v Anthisan

Putting TCP on my hands and the blotches on my arms didn't work well overnight. In fact when I woke up my fingers were itching again and the weal had reappeared on the back of my hand.

Worse still the Ring reddened again yesterday, radiating a bright red circle around its rim. It was itching by the time I went to bed so I put Eurax on - and that seemed to calm it. The only thing I can point to is a glass of Jack Daniels I had with my meal. Although it's supposed to be zero-salicylate I still wonder whether whisky is a good thing, perhaps because it inflames the blood vessels

This morning I found a tube of Anthisan and decided to try that on the weals, welts and flea-bites. It didn't seem to work and when I put the tube down or put it away I couldn't find it again. This was probably a good thing as later in the day I got drowsy and slept for 90 minutes - even though I'd had a good night's sleep. I just had a look at some web references to Anthisan, which is mainly an anti-histamine, and few mention drowsiness as a side effect. Odd because my previous experience, some months ago, was that it left me incredibly tired.

The Anthisan didn't seem to work and everything itched even more over breakfast. So in desperation I smeared Eurax on everything and that calmed it all down. Tonight the blotches on my arms are still slowly shrinking but my hands and fingers are itching again. So I have used more Eurax.

I may have praised TCP prematurely - although I think I will try it again on the fingers tonight.

Wretched cat!


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