Friday, August 21, 2009

Tuna con chips

 They came back with a meal from Kentucky Fried Chicken tonight and tried to persuade me to eat it. I refused.

The chips were cold, undercooked and meagre but I suddenly felt a hankering for chilli con carne. As I'm trying to stick to zero-salicylate and eat fish (to see if The Ring will go away), my imagination turned to tuna. On this occasion my imagination worked successfully. It was a variant of one of my pasta sauces - but came out very differently. Here's what I did, step by step:

warm rapeseed oil in frying pan;
slice golden delicious apple and add to pan;
chop a small amount of cabbage (small) and add to pan;
chop some leek and add to pan;
turn heat to maximum and stir vigorously until contents brown;
open tin of tuna in brine;
drain off brine so far as possible;
add to pan - watching for splash;
stir vigorously, cooking at max;
add more rapeseed oil to keep moist;
when tuna starts to brown, add Kentucky chips;
stir vigorously until chips start to brown.

Add topping of grated cheese. Garnish with lettuce.
Delicious! The tastiest tuna I have eaten so far. Lots of different  tastes and textures.

The difference from pasta sauce is that it is cooked at maximum rather than minimum and the brine is largely drained off, rather than used to make sauce.


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