Monday, March 12, 2007

Juiced up

I think I got a little carried away at the suggestion that I try some pineapple juice.

Fruit juice for breakfast! It was months since I'd had such a treat so last Saturday, a week ago, I started off with a large glass of sweet, translucent, yellow juice.

Unfortunately the next day somebody produced some pomegranate juice drink they had obtained from Morrisons. Now I've been looking for pomegranate juice because, as previously recorded, this fruit is meant to be virtually zero salicylate. Most pomegranate juices mix in other berries which make them out of bounds. This drink was delicious and addictive and I drank almost a whole packet within 24 hours.

The problem is that this is a drink, not a pure juice, and according to the packet, made from concentrated pomegranate. At a guess I would say this means pulped fruit.

This time the big reaction was on the skin in the crook of my arm under my elbows. A spreading blotchy rash. There were other consequences too, I think, but I won't go into those. So during the week I returned to a pure diet of water, cabbage, meat, leek and celery. By Saturday morning my skin was clearing and my eyesight was so good I could read the A-Z properly for the first time in about two years.

So on Saturday I tried a small tot of pineapple juice. Well, once my skin has cleared again I will try some pomegranate drink and see if it was only the pineapple or both juices that caused the problem. It maybe I need to find a way of consuming smaller quantities of juice - perhaps diluting it in lemonade or sparkling water or even using it to make sweet and sour sauces or bolognese.