Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Melon and wine

I found myself at a meal with a set menu and no chance to give instructions to the caterers. Quite a posh meal actually.

Even worse I've run out of montelukast and haven't got round to ordering any more. There wasn't even any fish to counteract the salicylates.

And I was hungry.

So I ate some melon from the starter. Now, checking, I can't find melon on my list - I would guess moderate?

And I drank some wine, maybe about two glasses. I know it's "very high" - and you'll know I drink it occasionally and push the limits. After about two glasses, my tongue started to swell so I stopped.

The meal ended up being quite unbalanced. I ate the meat from the main course but no vegetables or potato (which was garnished0. And for dessert I had just custard.

Today my left eye is a little sore but I can't report any other long-term effects - although I'm not sure my eyesight is working properly. I guess if I tried drinking wine nightly, I'd soon start to creak again. But I'm wondering whether melon is really okay. However the truth is once you've got a taste for,  papaya melon - and mango - are rather tasteless.