Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Invisible again

The Guardian newspaper carries a feature spread today on "living with food allergy". Sadly it completely fails to mention salicylates.

The number of visitors to this site suggest that quite a few people have this problem - or similar problems. My recent census found that 38 per cent of visitors here are salicylate sensitive. Apparently quite a few people with asthma also have the problem. So why the invisibility?

The Guardian piece mentions dairy, gluten(wheat) and nuts. These are serious - but they are also readily catered for. Try working with the list of fruit, vegetables and other organic substances that contain salicylate. The experts tell us that the prevalence of gluten-allergy is much exaggerated in the public mind. I know, because I spent six months living on Free From food because I had problems with pizza, pasta and beer.

The consultant ultimately decided it was everything else but gluten. He was right. I think I was lucky that my symptoms were severe enough to warrant the attention of an NHS consultant. Yes, nut allergy is very serious. If you have coeliac disease, gluten is very nasty indeed and Free From food is very useful indeed. As I say, I have been there and I lost half a stone trying to live on Free From food! It was expensive and it was difficult to cook with.

I think what offends me most is the heading of the feature: A Guide to Food for People with Allergies. Why did they not just make the piece about gluten/wheat allergy and intolerance and do a sensible round-up of the issues?


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