Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Soup update

Thanks to everyone who supplied tips for making soup.

I've had:
thick soup
thin soup
salty soup
saltless soup
fish soup
vegetable soup

Sadly the cold weather seems to have gone and I have no more appetite for soup. It's a shame because it proved to a good hunger killer.

Best soups:
an onion type soup made with leek and shallot. It made my breath bad for days but was quite tasty.
vegetable soup into which I popped a piece of frozen white fish. Not only was it tasty but it was also incredibly filling.

I liked the idea of putting a bit of pasta or rice into soup. It gave it a nice minestrone feel. But, as I suggest above, the time-honoured problem of how much salt to put in remains - especially when I tried to get others to eat it. It was always too much or too little.

Most of my soup ended up with quite a lot of soy sauce. As always, it was a challenge to make it tasty - especially when I tried to make it out of cabbage and potato.