Tuesday, September 14, 2010

UV therapy

Several weeks since I returned from holiday and The Splodge has not returned. It's tried once or twice - the odd bit of itching and small rash - but no sign of it making a come-back. So that's the benefits of sunlight therapy.

On holiday I ate fish and seafood and drank wine and ate olives and swam in the sea and was mostly healthy. Now back in the real world, small abuses build up. I've tried keeping fish in my diet and tried drinking wine. I blame the wine for the arthritis creeping up my left side. For there is the question of maintaining fitness. Walking is fine but time-consuming and not possible daily. Jogging is out of the question as my left knee gives way fast. So I tried some upper body exercises. I had done this successfully before going away but now all of a sudden my left elbow has gone stiff and swollen. I'm pretty certain it's salicylate because there's also a slight rash on the elbow, my left eye is a little sore and the left index finger is a little painful.