Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Craving for things I can't have

I'm watching a TV programme and they've having a bit of a party with pizza and bottles of beer. I walk down the road and I smell curry in the air. I go to a meal with friends and it's at one of those places where they specialise in spicy food from around the world. We go to a medium-priced restaurant and I know the best food is served with savoury sauces or in pies. I choose battered fish. We go to a carvery and I choose beef and gammon. It may be salicylate-low but it's rich in omega-6 and triggers reactions over the next few days.

In truth if I taste something I haven't tasted for years - like orange or mango - it just tastes weird. But I am beginning to feel the chronic sensory deprivation. Smell can't make it up. Even worse I'm worried that I'm starting to substitute sweet and chocolaty food to try to appease my deprived taste-buds. I can't seem to get my weight down. It's not enormous and I'm not obviously fat - I try to keep fit - but it's creeping up.

Perhaps I should invest in more cheese and whisky - hardly the normal stuff of a weight-loss diet.