Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday afternoon

Sunday afternoon and I would kill for a cup of redbush tea.

The first anniversary of this diet approaches and very soon I'll be putting together some fantasy meals. I've enjoyed my diet of cabbage, bananas, water and cashew nuts (...and one or two other foods) but every so often something reminds me what I'm missing...such as that Sunday afternoon craving for a cup of tea.

By last week life was at full swing again after the summer holidays and I went to a couple of catered meals. The consultant had suggested that a tablet of Singulair three hours before such a meal might minimise its effects. On Monday it was a steak and kidney pie with a suspiciously sweet sauce - almost certainly made with tomato. On Tuesday I tried a chicken and mushroom pie. Let's just say it was all too much for the Singulair. So back to being careful again.