Friday, August 07, 2009


 The cat keeps bringing fleas into the house. It's proved hard to eradicate them but I think we've got the message across that the cat is in quarantine - and should not be in the bedrooms or living areas.

Others seem to have been worse bitten than me. I've had bites but they have been little more than spots. It did not stop me itching all over however - so far as I can see I've come out in hives. At first I thought I was being eaten by fleas. I was itching all over and terrified when I was in bed. But when I woke up there was little evidence of bites.

The way I see it is this - the immune system kicks in and deals with the flea bites. But it overreacts. So the rash under my elbow returned.

I took a montelukast today and that seems to have calmed down the skin rash. I don't like taking montelukast when the immune system has real work to do. I'm not sure it couldn't leave me vulnerable to infection.


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