Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Eating out .... at friends'

 A generous friend has invited us to a meal. She then asked what she could safely cook for me.

I said I would let her have a copy of the guidance I drew up for a commercial caterer a few weeks ago. I then realised the guidance wasn't really adequate for somebody who wanted to cook as good a meal as possible so I made some additions. I mentioned that we use soy sauce and rapeseed oil as a base for cooking and that we can use parsley as a herb.

So far the main queries have been about ice cream, cream and custard. I'm never sure about ice cream and always suggest chocolate ice cream. When I was on holiday there were people selling genuine clotted cream ice cream - which was nice and probably quite safe. Vanilla is meant to be banned but I often eat vanilla ice cream.

It really is time I attempted a salicylate free curry.


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