Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The joy of montelukast

 The pesky cat is back today. Yes, the episode with the fleas nearly ruined the second week of my summer holidays. So the cat got defleaed the minute it set through the door. It wasn't happy.

Today the problem is almost all gone - although there is still a weal on the back of my left hand.

For several days  the little finger continued to be sore - being most irritable first thing in the morning. Even worse was that when I touched it - to check - the itching flared up and the finger swelled. This was followed by the itching, and the swelling, spreading up the hand and the arm and that was worrying. I used up my last two montelukasts two days in a row simply to deal with this problem. This seemed to work. There's still a weal on the back of my left hand.

Curiously The Ring has nearly gone. In the mornings it's barely visible. This may be a result of not eating strong cheese of any kind for a few days - or of a salicylate free diet. I found the remains of a block of uneaten extra strong cheese when I got home and ate some of it. The Ring started to return but has receded again this morning.

It seems that montelukast is so successful - and worth more than four billion dollars a year - that there are major commercial battles over it  within the pharmaceutical industry.

Makers Merck seem to have seen off one attempt to make cheaper, generic versions.

But now there is an industry wide challenge to its patent.


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