Thursday, July 30, 2009

A meal out

 I've been on holiday for a few days. It's been mostly self-catering but one night we thought we'd treat ourselves to a meal out. We found a little bistro tucked away in a Welsh fishing port. I took a montelukast before going out. Alarmingly it seems to have been my last. I thought I had a full sachet but it seems to have been lost en route. I thought I would have reasonable tolerance. The Ring has nearly gone and I felt quite healthy.

My meal consisted of goats cheese and sea bass, on a layer of spinach. Not much harm here surely. The chef wanted to "drizzle" the cheese in olive oil and pine nuts but I explained nuts might be a problem (even pine nuts). There was a lot more on both courses. The fish came in a balsam vinegar sauce. It was an incredibly tasty meal - of course it was as I haven't tasted half these ingredients for years. Today I am paying the penalty. My left jaw and tongue is swollen and my left eye is sore. Eating is quite uncomfortable.


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