Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Rice and cabbage

A sudden and unexpected reaction in the mouth tonight after eating what seemed to be a simple meal of omelette, baked potato and bacon followed by peach and apricot yoghurt.

This prompts me to do some more intense research on tomato allergy.

Some people call this 'oral allergy syndrome', suggesting it is probably a little less dangerous than anaphylaxis.

One clinic lists the following: apple, peach, celery, tomato and cherry.

This well-sourced website links a number of substances to tomato allergy.

This list looks familiar: latex, avocado, chestnut, and banana.

This list is especially disturbing: tomato, potato and latex.

I am not aware of any latex allergy. But of these three lists, I had potato and peach tonight. I have eaten both in substantial quantities in the last few months without noticing any problems.

So does this mean I am continuing to pick up new allergies? Or have potato or apple or something similar been responsible for mild symptoms for some time?

This is all very alarming as the one thing I have been able to achieve over the last few months is a healthy diet with loads of fruit and vegetables. The way things are going I will end up living on rice and cabbage.

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Anonymous said...

Oral Allergy Syndrome only occurs with fresh raw fruits. Even fruits that have been preserved and included in yogurt are unlikely to trigger it.