Thursday, November 02, 2006

Uncooked potato

It may have been the baked potato, which was large and one of the least well cooked potatoes I have had. My wife microwaved it first. That was not enough so I put it on for another five minutes but it still came out with a hard centre. What I tend to do then is to pour the fat from the frying pan onto it but, clearly, even that did not work.

The real nuisance is that I am now back to a double dose of antihistamine having avoided taking any yesterday (Tuesday). Since my prescription of levoceterizine has run out, I am using some one-a-days from Asda. It's not just the driving now that's affected by the pills, I feel a loss of sharpness that even strong coffee cannot shake off, like some brain cells are missing. I need to make an appointment to see my GP and get a prescription but I'm not quite desperate enough to justify the disruption to my life that this involves.