Thursday, November 30, 2006

The dietician

It turns out I am a beneficiary of NHS cuts. The dietician had her study leave cancelled and then, unbeknownst to her, a number of appointments made on her behalf. So two or three people received letters earlier in the week inviting them to the hospital.

This was all very well, but as the dietician didn't know she was meant to be there, she wasn't. She turned up eventually. More details later but in short I need to follow an even more restricted diet for a couple of weeks. Mushrooms, mangoes and onions have gone for a start and maybe even carrots.

Then getting out of the hospital. Easy you might think. Not with NHS car parking charges that increase by the hour. By the time I came out - after the delay - I had inadequate change for the parking machines. They do not take credit cards nor my £20 note. Nor were reception at the hospital centre. So a lengthy search ensued for change. The coffee shop in the hospital would not even sell me a banana as they claimed they could not change my £20 note. Eventually I found someone who had bought parking tickets in bulk and sold me one for a pound.

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