Monday, November 06, 2006

9pm and still waiting

9pm - no call from the consultant today.

I have decided to stop taking antihistamines on the grounds that they make me sleep incredibly deeply. I've had to use the bleep on my alarm clock to wake me and have needed loads of strong coffee to get me going. As coffee may be part of the problem, this may mean the pills achieve little.

However knowing that the pills aid sleep, there is going to be real temptation to take one occasionally if I need a good night's sleep.

I am also concerned about the long-term effects now. If I were to follow a salicylate-free diet, it might be very unhealthy in terms of heart and circulation. If I decide to tolerate a low level of allergy, what are the long term health effects? There has already been a link suggested to Parkinson's disease, which a member of my family has.

And what do I say to those who may have to cater for me?

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