Monday, September 29, 2008

Senses restored

 I had my ear syringed today - finally. I'd followed the doctor's advice and poured oil into the ear for a couple of days before hand, rapeseed rather than olive as he wanted. The nurse wasn't satisfied I had done enough but she managed to get most of the wax out.

I felt quite dizzy at the end of it.

My hearing is now acute. And when I returned home, my sense of smell - which has been mostly absent in recent years - was acute too. Thankfully the sun is shining so I have been able to open all the windows.

A few days ago I obtained some music I have been wanting to listen to for years. I did not enjoy it at all. It seemed bland. Now I'm listening to it again and realising I missed half of it.

Now all that remains is that lower left side.



Anonymous said...

Your blog describes my allergy :( The last two weeks have been abnormally bad for me so I'm googling for a tea right now - have you had any success with specific brands?

Anonymous said...

You'd have to try a decaf tea, I'm afraid, and even that is unlikely to work. I tried it once and it was horrible.

Redbush tea which is naturally decaf and was my favourite also proved to be a source of problems.

So it's probably a tea-free existence from now on.