Sunday, September 14, 2008

Chinese challenge

A Chinese restaurant last night. As I've noted before Chinese cooking can be low salicylate, bean sprouts are meant to be free of the stuff - but you never know what extras have been used. I concentrated on fish courses. The first was meant to be a platter of fried fish. What came was a plate of fish that was anything but fried in a thick tasty source laden with broccoli, carrots, mushrooms and those miniature sweetcorn heads. As always very tasty but texturally pretty disgusting. I ate the fish and carrots and left the broccoli. I thought I ordered abalone, bean sprouts and Chinese mushrooms for the main course but it may have been bamboo shoots. Abalone I think is a kind of shellfish. It might as well have been thin sliced ham. Another thick, savoury sauce - it might just as well have been the starter. There was not a great deal of difference. Then to finish, a chocolate pudding which appeared to be little more than chocolate ice cream.

And I did drink several glasses of Jack Daniels.

I took a montelukast earlier in the day. But you can draw your own conclusions as to why today I'm stiff all the way down my left side, from the lower back to the knee.


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