Friday, September 19, 2008

Flapjack and walnut

 I popped into a newsagents for a snack as I skipped lunch and could not eat a meal until late.

I bought a cheese dip and then spotted some flapjack. It was topped with white chocolate and looked delicious. Now flapjack is made from oats and treacle, isn't it? I bit into this flapjack and it tasted of walnut. It was nice, apart from the faint taste of walnut, which I've never particularly liked.

I looked at the wrapper. It mentioned chocolate but nothing about nuts. The list of ingredients was too small to read especially as my eyes were blurring a little. There seemed to be no other  immediate ill-effects so I ate about two thirds before giving up.

As I walked away my tongue and lips began to tingle and my throat began to choke. Thankfully the effects did not last long.


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