Sunday, September 21, 2008

Gammy leg

It's a week since I indulged in a Chinese meal and the side-effects are still lingering. The stiff leg and back I developed the next day hasn't gone away. Yesterday I went for an hour-long walk and was limping by the time I got home.

It's starting in the lower left-side and going down to the knee. As so often I don't know if it's a specific problem or general inflammation in this region. It's like the wisdom tooth problem in August that wasn't a dental problem at all. What's in the lower left side? A kidney? Gall bladder? I've got a vague idea of anatomy. I've signed on to a new system for booking appointments with the doctor on-line - but I have to make sure I keep appointments. If I make appointments and cancel them I'll be removed from it. So it can't be like in August when I booked a dental appointment and cancelled it. The odds are it will be gone in two days.

I took a montelukast yesterday afternoon but I cannot say it has improved things much. According to the terrifying list of side-effects on Wikipedia, it could be making things worse. More on that later I think.


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