Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ears and montelukast

I keep hoping this ear problem will go away but I've now booked to see a doctor about it. I should have done this a long time ago. It's getting up the enthusiasm to negotiate an appointment. Day to day there's a persistent low level buzz and my hearing in that ear is quite erratic. I wonder if I got a piece of dirt in the ear?

Yesterday for the first time in a month I took a Singulair pill as I had to eat out that day. It is worthwhile because it makes a great deal of difference. I ate trout yesterday. Today there are no reactions, in spite of all the herbs and spices used on the fish.

On Monday I took an anti-histaminebefore switching to montelukast yesterday. I still think Singulair aggravates the ear problem and I notice that ear problems are indeed a rare side effect (which you are meant to tell the doctor about immediately). However I think that was in case you had some kind of allergic reaction to the pill. This was not caused by the pill.

Today the problem is much better but it's still there and I cannot put off that visit to the doctor any longer.

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