Thursday, September 10, 2009

Salicylate free eating

A few months ago I promised to list here all the salicylate free meals I have devised and reported. Here they are, just half a dozen, so far, along with the guidance I have drawn up for caterers and friends.
Meals involving fish are also low in omega 6 and especially safe, both in theory and in my experience. So there's a lot of fish. Some of these "recipes" are more detailed than others.

I have kind people who attempt more ambitious meals for me, such as fish pies and pizzas. You always have to check they don't accidentally sprinkle pepper on the food.

I have promised myself to step out and attempt a low salicylate curry some time. My list says it would have to use tandoori spice. I'll add to this list as recipes come in.

Tuna con Chips - when you hanker for a chilli con carne
Apple and Tuna Sauce
Fish pasta sauce
Roast chicken and gravy
Salmon and spinach
Salicylate free pasta sauce with mince
Guidance for friends
Instructions for caterers



raucherentwohnung said...

Thank you so much for sharing such a nice information. This will be very useful to me. I like this site and I will bookmark it for future reference. Good work! Keep it up.

Elaine said...

I live with someone who also has a severe salicylate allergy. It was adult-onset, he just turned 38 when it started, and it has been an incredibly tough year. It all started out of the clear blue sky, with 2 little Advils in July 2010, causing his body to break out in hives and swelling of his face and throat. He's had hives every day ever since - a man who, prior to this was hardly sick a day in his life! Some days are good, some are bad, and his misery (and lack of good doctoring) led him to discover on his own that he is not only severely allergic to aspirin, but also aspirin-related products, including foods with salicylates. A careful diet has got it under control now, thank God. Among the things he's had to give up since July 2010: he cannot drink any kind of beer, or alcohol aged in oak barrels. He cannot eat anything with preservatives in it (easily 90% or more of food). No more restaurants of any kind. He doesn't go outdoors without long sleeves, so his hives don't show. He has become isolated from his friends and family, who mean well but don't understand. My heart breaks for what he goes through daily, with no end in sight. I have guilt because I do not have aspirin sensitivity, and can eat whatever I want. It's such a hard thing he's going through, and I wanted to ttell you that you're not alone. There are many people who also have your condition but never tell anyone. They just sit at home, reading their computer monitors, looking for stories like yours. Keep your chin up, and we will, too.

Anonymous said...

after a life time (it seems) of bad health and medication reactions, following an acute reaction to an antibiotic which has affected my heart rate... been going too fast for two months now and still not abating.... a clinical pharmacologist has diagnosed total salycylate intolerance. He advised that the reactions I am getting relate not to the drugs per se, but to the bits and pieces that they put into medications to preserve, colour and bulk. He is providing my doctor with a list of safe medications should I really need them, but the advice is much as you write.. no bought food, as near to salycylate free as possible re foods. There is a desensitisation process available but it is hazardous and involves taking a dose of asprin daily there after... for ever, which carries its own problems. The consultant said that it wrecks lives.. and you are clearly understanding this, as I already know, too, from personal experience. A hard path to live. Very restricted, very many days ill or frail. Disturbed nights.... but at least we know we are not imagining it all. The consultant stressed that it is very real and the bodily effects we experience are real and problematic.