Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pain and gain

I think I overdosed on redbush tea.

Last night and this morning I had an aching pain in the index finger of my left hand - and a fair amount of aching on my left arm.

I took it to mean I had overdosed - and in fact when I woke up this morning there were few signs of the cold. And Australia, which was the Splodge, was quite red.

So I've given up redbush tea again and taken up decaf instant coffee - which doesn't taste too bad now. Tonight I took a montelukast and the ache has almost gone.


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M. Scle said...

I can feel your pain as i too had a similar kind of pain in my leg and frankly telling you it was a very bad pain and was unbearable at that moment of time and i too the same that you did to come out of it.