Saturday, March 27, 2010

Left-eye syndrome

I don't know what I did. Maybe it was the pre-cooked "flavoured" chicken from last night.

Today I realised I've got a left-side syndrome. All the problems are on my left-hand side - a painful eye, aching tooth, stiff shoulder, Australia - which was The Splodge - on my left chest and gout in my left knee. By this afternoon I even had a headache in the left side of my head. When my fingers hurt, it's on the left-hand. You can explain some of it by sinusitis but not the knee and shoulder. I've wondered whether there might be a wisdom tooth problem also. My dentist doesn't think so - but the right side wisdom has been removed.

It's not just been today. My shoulder's been stiff all week.

I haven't taken many montelukasts recently and that may have allowed problems to build up. I took one last night and another tonight and am feeling a little better.

Is there any point in discussing the left-side problem with a doctor? I know the cause and what to do about it. It just means I have to police the diet more rigorously than I have been.


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