Sunday, September 06, 2009

Green bananas

 We ordered our shopping on-line last week, including our usual large amount of bananas. Without exception, every banana that came was green.

I was desperate, and others were tucking in, so I ate the green bananas. I have read in various places that unripe fruit may be richer in salicylate, also that bananas contain pseudo-histamines. These are unscientific and unchecked comments - it is what I recall. All I know is that the bananas played havoc with my insides.

Today my throat is sore, my tummy is sore, I am running hot and cold, I've slept far too long and my limbs are throbbing. I fear I may at last be about to succumb to swine flu - or it could be just green bananas.

Next time we're going to send the green bananas back.



appetitzugler said...

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Lisa said...

I just experienced this same problem. Ugh. Thx for sharing though, I appreciate knowing I am not crazy.

Katherine said...

I am relieved to know I'm not crazy. I also ate a green banana last night and had an immediate reaction from it. I am food intolerant to MSG and sulfates, dyes, etc. Thank you for the information. One more thing to add to the list.