Sunday, March 22, 2009

Roast chicken

How to roast a chicken:

  • stuff with sliced leek and a little bit of water - as much leek as you can fit
  • wrap in tin foil
  • baste with soy sauce
  • about an hour before finish, drain off the juice, which makes a delicious gravy
  • pull away the tin foil to allow the chicken to brown.
  • cook for a further hour.

You get a delicious, juicy salicylate free roast chicken and a jug of salicylate free gravy. You also have some roast leek amongst your vegetables.


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Anonymous said...

Use fresh bread crumbs, diced celery and finely sliced leeks or shallots for stuffing. Pan juices with added water and thickened with flour and soy sauce make a nice gravy.