Friday, March 20, 2009

Chocolate and ears

I don't know what happened yesterday. By the afternoon my left ear had gone deaf and sound was echoing painfully in my head through the other ear. I took a singulair in the early afternoon but it failed to calm things down and by the evening there was a rash all over my skin, itching and bright red spots all over. And I was sniffing away. Then it had gone.

It was aggravated when a vanguard of spring ants found their way into my house and started crawling over me. Did one of them bite me? It felt like it but then it could just be hives.

I took an anti-histamine before going to bed and that seems to have calmed things down today. My ears are almost back to normal. My skin is not quite clear.

The odd thing is that I had not consumed anything dodgy yesterday. There was a new batch of bananas, possibly.

However earlier in the week somebody put some bars of cheap, plain chocolate into the shopping. I had given up eating lots of chocolate even though I used to like to munch it to help me work. So I could not resist the tempation. On top of that I had several glasses of white wine as planned at the event on Saturday. So maybe there was a pile-up of salicylate. So now there'll be no wine and no chocolate for a while.


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