Thursday, October 05, 2006

A red Smartie

This week I thought I was getting things under control, sticking to a diet free from all the suspects. I even faked taking the bread and wine at church. God understands!

I've even reverted to organic chocolate - although I could see nothing in the ingredients of the dark chocolate I was eating to cause concern.

There have been background symptoms but nothing obviously severe. Most worryingly the slight inflammation of my left eye returned. But I've been able to stick to a single antihistamine daily.

Then a child offered me a Smartie. I could not say no and took a single red one. It's not like a nut and I did not choke - but the impact was still fast.

Not sure either about the Chinese takeaway we had last night.

So today my dodgy eye is quite inflamed, probably more noticeably than ever.

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