Monday, October 23, 2006

A moment of desperation

One month and nine days since my hospital appointment and still no results from the two phials of blood they took from me.

I bought some "gluten free" fruit cake today and have been knocked back quite badly. So either it is the fruit in the cake - and there seemed nothing innocuous, only orange and lemon peel. Or it is their using an unspecified "vegetable oil". The alternative is the gluten-free brown sauce I had with my dinner as it contain chilli - and I am told this is the same food group as tomato.

All very frustrating as with the exception of the extended "cold" and a sore eye I have been largely free of symptoms for days. Nil in mouth.

Meanwhile a government minister was celebrating a million patients using the electronic Choose and Book system I encountered when I saw the GP many months ago. I must make another appointment a) to chase up the test results and b) to renew the prescription. I am back to the pharmacy anti-histamines and am having to take great care driving round roundabouts as a result. It seems very difficult to judge traffic on roundabouts.

I guess it was better than waiting for the GP to write and then for the hospital to write back. But it was far from everything it is cooked up to be. They sent me an appointment time, no consultation, and then they changed it twice. The GP gave me no choice of hospital. The doctor at the hospital was great but I suspect very busy.

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