Saturday, July 03, 2010

Rash about radish

For some reason I got it into my head that radish is okay. I even picked up a bag of the round red crunchy vegetables at the supermarket. I like them but, boy, did they sting my mouth.

That may explain why for the last couple of days the Splodge - which is now the Strawberry - has been itching quite a lot and why my left eye got quite sore and blurred. In fact my left jaw also got quite sore and I began thinking, yet again, it was probably a tooth infection.

Then as I crunched a radish for breakfast - sometimes I do desperate things - I thought I had better check. The list does not say radishes are low in salicylate. In fact it says they are "very high". So I've had to abandon the bag of radishes and try and persuade someone else to eat them.

The list does say beetroot is low and I've tried it recently without obvious effects. I think I should try more beetroot.



Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, radishes taste better than beetroot. Tomorrow is my birthday and I am loading up my system on antihistamines and enjoying coleslaw of green & red cabbage, spring onions, carrot and mayonnaise and am I ever looking forward to a bit of flavor rather than cabbage, old spuds, swede, rice, meat, salt. One deserves a reward for reaching 55 years!!

RAS said...

You'll sleep well!

Anonymous said...

A brilliant coleslaw seasoned with pepper and no reaction. Isn`t it strange that I eat cabbage most days and when I decide to lash out on my birthday, I choose coleslaw whose main ingredient is .... cabbage?

RAS said...

My favourite diet-buster is a bottle of white wine! But you can't do that with anti-histamines. Cabbage is great - much under-rated.