Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ear clear!

I was thinking of getting some Swim-Ear, which apparently you administer before swimming to protect your ears. Then I was in Tesco and saw some earwax remover drops. The ingredients are based on  camomile - which is okay - so I thought I would give them a try.

I tried in my left ear, which tends to be worst. Half the drops spilled out over my face. I tried swallowing to open the eustachian tubes to see if anything would flush through. I think something came.

Later, as instructed, I rinsed the ear with warm water. Some definitely dribbled through to the mouth. But then the ear hurt, quite a lot.

Whether there was any wax there and whether it's been cleared I have no idea. However a few hours later the pain has subsided. So I'm testing it by playing some music. I like music with mandolin, dulcimer and flute, which is ideal as it's the high frequencies you lose when the ears are blocked - I think. I've put headphones on for max quality and it sounds great!


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