Thursday, May 14, 2009

The lost list

It may be obvious - I've been flying by wire for a while. A few days ago I looked on the kitchen pinboard for the dietician's list, only to find it had gone. The reason I wanted it was to remind myself which curry powders are low salicylate. Frankly, my taste buds are dying from neglect. Tuna meals are the pits and as I mentioned before I even find myself going off banana. It's time I attempted home-made curry.

Lo and behold I was rummaging in the garage just a couple of days ago and I found a box of stuff cleared out from the kitchen during some decorating. In there was a list. I'm not sure if it was the dietician's last list as she produced several copies but it was certainly quite a detailed one.

I wish now I'd kept all her lists safely - for there were quite a lot of differences as she put quite a bit of research into the issue. In her original list items such as Golden Delicious apple were safe. In the later list she created two columns "negligible" and "low" and Golden Delicious moved to the low column. I had in my mind a sort of "hardly any" column which represented the foods that started off in the zero column and then moved to low. For also in the low column are foods such as onion and tomato - which I find lethal. Then there is beetroot, which I have been avoiding unnecessarily.

Maybe I will post more observations about the "low" column in the near future.

Then there are parsnip, lettuce and sweetcorn, which somehow crept into my diet and are in fact classed as "moderate". No wonder I've been struggling.

The two curry powders are saffron and tandori and are classed as "low" in this list. I will try to get some.


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