Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bare-armed or not?

 I have been wondering whether to go bare-armed or not in the warmer weather. My big problem now is on my arms, inside the elbows - today they are again covered with lumpy red spots. They don't itch like hives but become irritated if you touch them. My feeling is they are aggravated by fabrics and also by the warmth of clothes. And perhaps some sunlight would do some good.

Or perhaps they are being aggravated by exposure to the open air? So far as I know pollen is not a problem but other plant matter is. There's the odd brush with a shrub and maybe, as I've discussed before, bits of stuff thrown up in the air by lawn-mowers, gardeners and farmers.

In desperation I smeared some anthisan- an anti-histamine cream - on the arms this morning. It calmed things down briefly but it's left me feeling drowsy and they're inflamed again now after having a meal. That would be the chocolate gateau, I imagine. People still seem to think I can eat chocolate...and I cannot resist it!


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