Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fish pasta sauce

 I promised to list all the recipes I've put together and then discovered I had never posted some of them.

So here is a simple and quick fish-based pasta sauce:

start cooking your pasta

  • chop white cabbage and leek;
  • stir fry in saucepan until white cabbage starts to brown;
  •  add tin of fish - sardines or mackerel are best but tuna is manageable;
  • add parsley;
  • stir until it simmers;
  • add milk, also yoghurt, cream or cheese if you wish;
  • simmer and stir until pasta is ready.



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Canadian said...


Thank you so much for your blog. I just discovered it when searching for low to moderate salicylate fish recipes because I don't have my Friendly Food book with me. I like how I no longer feel like I'm suffering alone :) You seem to be a good role model for coping.