Thursday, February 12, 2009

Camomile and paracetamol

I drank a cup of camomile tea before going to bed with a view to sleeping long and late and trying to shake off this bug. Camomile is okay and in the past I have found this herb makes me really sleepy.

It didn't seem to work. Sleep was restless and at 7am I woke in terrible pain with my upper right chest on fire. So much for camomile. I got up and took a paracetamol (that's acetaminophen in the USA) with a glass of water and succeeded in getting back to sleep, staying in bed until late morning. I still have a terrible throat, a sporadic dry cough and a gummed up stomach but my chest is not too bad.

Today I am drinking redbush tea as I did when I had the cold before Christmas. My skin is not too bad at the moment so I can probably tolerate it and it is by far the most refreshing hot drink in these conditions.


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