Sunday, November 02, 2008

Whisky fever

Woke up today with hay fever, a runny nose, a thick head and thick throat. I'm away for the weekend and left all my pills behind too.

I can only think it was the Scotch whisky I drank last night - Famous Grouse. As I've commented before there seems to be a difference between Scotch, distilled in oak vats, and the American bourbon whiskies, such as Jack Daniels, which so far as I can tell are distilled in metal vats.

I did have some sandwiches yesterday lunchtime. There was a scrambled egg and lettuce sandwich which seemed okay and then a sliced meat, which tasted as if it had some herbs in it. Also some mayonnaise. So that may not have helped. I've had two meals cooked with loving care by my hosts, plain chicken and vegetables such as leek, carrot and spinach. All beneficial rather than harmless.

Although winter has arrived, this is definitely not a cold, although I've almost forgotten what having a cold is like. There is no fever.


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