Sunday, November 23, 2008

Salmon and spinach

 I seem to have been eating combinations of salmon and spinach recently, mostly concocted by kind people making an effort to find palatable recipes for me.

First there was salmon and spinach cuiche. That can be made using tinned salmon. Nice!

Next somebody made a spinach sauce and served it with fresh salmon. Delicious. Essentially a white sauce with spinach added.

Finally last week a friend served up an amazing lasagne, made from smoked salmon and spinach. I don't think he'd asked me beforehand - just guessed. Mouth-watering!

Spinach is low in salicylate and salmon is of course low in omega 6. Both are rich in healthy nutrients although if you read wikipedia it might put you off eating too much spinach.


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Anonymous said...

Spinach isn't low in salicylates