Thursday, October 16, 2008

Unsuitable eating

 Well the Singulair (montelukast) kicked in overnight at the weekend and my skin cleared up. But the truth is I've continued to abuse my body by eating all sorts of unsuitable foods - and there's been quite a lot of eating out. There was a steak one night. When I tried to switch back to fish it came with all sorts of herbs and peppers - and frankly was still pretty tasteless. Then I went somewhere and was served a fish pie. Not too bad but quite clearly sprinkled with all sorts of stuff.

I've been taking singulair daily to try to fend off the consequences. It does protect the skin. There's a bit of toothache today which is alarming. Toothache still frightens me because it is no longer easy to get subsidised dentistry in England. A wisdom tooth removal would mean big bills. More serious are the internal consequences and singulair doesn't seem to help to stabilise this much at all. In fact my partner is insisting I go to see the doctor again - which I do not want to do. The list of singulair's side-effects, which I promised to discuss some time ago, suggests it might even aggravate these symptoms. I took an anti-histamine last night. It helped me get a deep night's sleep if nothing else.


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