Friday, October 17, 2008

The flavour of food

Woke up dreaming of the flavour of food. I've started buying stilton cheese as it is the most highly and strongly flavoured producted I seem to be able to eat. It's probably not very good for me.

I took no pills yesterday, apart from a multivitamin with iron, and had a simple diet of fish and vegetables and fruit such as cabbage, carrots, green grapes and bananas. It should be a near zero salicylate diet and a low in omega 6. There's also little flavour, not in white fish or cabbage. Bananas are sweet and flavoursome but not rich in taste.

Today my skin is not much better - perhaps it's the dark chocolate I eat, perhaps it's the after effects of drinking that strong machine "decaf" earlier in the week. I could eliminate chocolate and even decaf coffee in the drive to eliminate salicylates. The choices are not very palatable.

Tonight I fancy pasta with a sauce of tinned mackerel. That's not bad for flavour.


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