Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Salicylate free pasta sauce

If somebody else is cooking the main meal, get them to cook the pasta and mince and then leave some mince out for you.

Slice a circle of red cabbage and a couple of slices of leek. Chop all this as finely as possible, including the white core of the cabbage. You can also use celery chopped finely too.

Then in a separate frying pan, using rapeseed oil, fry all the vegetables lightly. Add the mince and some soy sauce, say a quarter bottle. Simmer for a while, especially if you are having to cook the pasta.

When ready to serve add some more soy sauce, maybe another quarter bottle, and allow half a minute to warm it. The cabbage and the soy will give the sauce moisture, compensating for not having tomato.

My favourite meal!

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pf said...

It may be my favourite meal but I don't eat it very often now!

That's because of the discovery that omega 6 oils aggravate the problem. Both mince and soy sauce are rich in omega 6 so I tend to use fish in brine, mackerel, sardines etc (tuna also but it's not great) as a substitute for both. It works okay.

See this link for a later posting.