Saturday, December 09, 2006


I started the papaya. I cut one in half and it looked like a melon. So I quartered it and ate it like a melon, removing the little round seeds from the middle.

It tastes a bit like a cross between a mango and a melon, a good substitute for both. Maybe we should try making some papaya juice.


Emily said...

I too am a salicylate sufferer. I found out in May after thinking I had half a dozen unrelated health problems. After having pizza two days in a row, I went (rushed) to my doctor and he mentioned the S word. My life changed within days. After six months of detox, I'm feeling incredibly good, but like you I keep getting 'surprised' by ingredients I didn't know were in the restaurant foods I'm forced to eat when traveling. Now, regarding papayas. I've lived in Hawaii for many years and have only seen people eat them two ways: cut in half, typically with a little lemon juice - my preference; pureed into papaya nectar. Good luck. Spread the word. There are more of us than I first thought. One of my best friends from childhood just found out she is allergic, too.
Tom (Idaho, USA)

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't choose either way as both involve fruit juices. Lemon is now on my "no" list, don't know if it's on yours as lists seem to differ. I suspect that pureed papaya could still cause a problem because it would concentrate the fruit.

Chris Watkins said...

Pureeing doesn't concentrate - just changes the form.

Glad to hear limes and papaya are low in salicylates - they go well together. If you're ok with bananas, they go well with papaya in a smoothie. And if they're very ripe, not only should the salicylates be very low, but the fruit is very sweet and sugar isn't needed (or just a teaspoon can be enough).

RAS said...

That sounds a great idea. However I don't think lime is any good. But papaya and banana smoothie ... sounds interesting. Any guess as to the best proportion of the two?

Barbara Watson Paille (like pie!) said...

Frozen papaya is quite nice, especially in smoothies. I use frozen banana and papaya along with canned pears and juice. For green smoothie, add a good handful of fresh parsley. Allow frozen papaya to thaw a bit (can microwave for 30+ seconds) and it's delicious by itself partially frozen as it has a firmer texture than when fresh. Great way to salvage that quickly deteriorating papaya! Pray for wisdom as God has given me wonderful guidance during this journey. All the best!