Sunday, December 24, 2006


My list says Ovaltine is okay so I got it into my head that Horlicks is too.

As I wanted to get an early night last night and I was staying away from home, I had a cup of hot Horlicks. Not very successful at all. I woke at 3.30am am and spent much of the rest of the night running to and from the bathroom. It seemed to have an effect on the bladder.

Looking at the ingredients there is no obvious reason. It is barley malt which should be okay. However it does contain an unspecified vegetable oil.

I had a letter from the dietician saying she is still researching outstanding issues. These include rapeseed oil and redbush tea. From following some of the links that have been posted on this site, I discover there may well have been only one systematic scientific study of salicylate levels. As they can apparently vary quite a lot, depending on the soil - so the dietician said, this would seem inadequate.

I am guessing that rapeseed oil is okay but never asked about sunflower oil which is not on the list either.

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Pepper said...

Still working through your diary. I know that you wrote this years ago, but I have to add this.

Ten years ago, my son was diagnosed as a celiac. At first, we were overwhelmed. Then I went to a store and I blew $300 on things that he could eat safely. It made the whole process much easier.

Now I'm going through it, but we aren't sure what's setting me off. So it's a meat and rice diet for me for the next six weeks. After that, I can gradually add foods back in. My allergist told me that first reactions can be slight, so you wait a week after adding one food before you add another.

From what I'm reading here, you're going back over your last meal and you've got to go back over the last few days when you have a reaction.

And, I learned this from my son, NO processed foods. No mixes, packages, frozen dinners, or anything like that. It all has to be homemade. Even if something isn't on the list, the plant can be processing several things at once and there's cross contamination.

It's a process. But you're adding time to that process by cheating and trying to get the most bang for your buck. Eating out, eating fast food, letting others prepare your food... all of these things add an unknown factor to the calculations.

Hope you got there and, if not, hope this helps.

(I feel your pain!!)