Monday, June 06, 2011

Burger King

I was in Burger King and, as always, it was quite impossible to find a salad. I thought I would risk a Chicken Royale. The plain version seems to come with lettuce and mayonnaise and seemed fine. There was no taste of pepper on the chicken.

Then I spotted their diet sheet. It's an impressive document which has 20 columns setting out the content of all the menus. It tells you about carbohydrate and proteins, vegetarian choices and even sulphur(sulfur to my US friends) dioxide.

In fact there are 11 columns devoted to allergens, including milk, fish and crustaceans. There is egg and celery. But inevitably there is no mention of salicylates. Why is this always the case? I have met dieticians socially several times recently and they are all primed to deal with the problem. Not expert but they know where to look for advice.

So good marks to Burger King for producing a low-salicylate choice, good marks for trying and bad marks for not finding a column for this one.



Anonymous said...

I have been advised by 2 doctors and a dietician to avoid mayonnaise at it contains salicylales.

RAS said...

Hi anonymous. You're probably right about commercial mayonnaise. Basically it's egg and vinegar and vinegar is a bit iffy. However I find small quantities of vinegar do little harm - as do green grapes and even very occasionally white wine (that's another story)

An Intolerant Nutritionist said...

Agreed re labelling! I guess they can't guarantee salicylate-free anyway due to cooking methods? I do tend to ask for no mayo. But sometimes wish someone out there would consider labelling for salicylates, and/or producing salicylate-free food to buy from somewhere, anywhere?!