Friday, February 09, 2007

Papaya and fish pie

Papaya is proving a disappointment. The first papayas I had were delicious but every single one we have purchased since then has been tough and unripe.

I bought three for a pound in a local greengrocers and saved the third to see if it would ripen. It has started to go off but has not ripened.

My wife insisted on serving a supermarket fish pie the other day. It must have contained various herbs and pepper as well as carrots and sweetcorn. As with other recent breaches of the diet, the reactions have been mild but real.

I've also got another appointment with the dietician so the NHS is keeping an eye on me. She wrote recently with some answers to outstanding queries and that means that:
redbush tea is still out but she thinks yeast extract is okay. Rapeseed oil is also okay, as I thought, since I cook everything in it.

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