Sunday, January 07, 2007

12th Night

Just about recovered from Christmas now!

Everybody tried so hard. Christmas dinner was a starter of peeled pear in papaya.

I had a special joint of turkey roasted in parsley with red and white cabbage. Then somebody produced some delicious mashed potato. Why was it delicious? Because it contained sweet potato.

I tried substituting whisky for wine. I used to like a glass of whisky but after drinking it at meals for several days, I have gone off it big time. And once the symptoms started again, I suspect the whisky aggravated them, certainly when there were bowel problems.

Today for lunch we had chicken cooked with parsley, saffron and chives - the entire range of herbs and spices I'm allowed. That was a little better. I fear I have had to chew through some very tough joints of bird meat in the last couple of weeks.

I'm going to have to refuse all processed and catered food now. I'm certainly a little way from the point at which foods can be reintroduced - every small breach seems to cause even worse symptoms.

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