Monday, April 04, 2011


I've been asked to support World Allergy Week by using the hashtag in the title. It doesn't seem to be getting going - and that's a shame.

Looking into this, I get the impression the week is driven by the World Allergy Organisation - which is mainly doctors. As these problems affect millions, especially at this time of year when hay fever gets going, isn't it about time the victims helped to get things going?

It's interesting when you look at the statement from the British Society for Allergy, reported here, that they are still at the stage of training GPs in diagnosis. Isn't that alarming? Most GPs probably do a little better by giving people prescriptions also. But I noted the World Allergy Organisation refers to "multiple organ" problems increasing. Now if you have salicylate hypersensitivity you know what that means .... everything from the eyes to the knees. That can mean a host of minor symptoms and, if you have to take them to the GP, you really need the doctor to understand the underlying issues.



Happy walker said...

nice blog... visited here with a smile, take care always... feel free to visits me back at (A Growing Teenager Diary)... thanks ~~~

Claire said...

Love the blog, its helping me find my way :) I've had an issue with aspirin and anti inflammatories for a few years that causes mild to serious reactions, however just recently i am having severe reactions without taking the drugs for over a year.
The doc I went to actually seemed to be able to help, though he did still have to google it to see what foods and drinks had salicylates in it.

I am on anti histamines and have an epi pen at the moment but I am struggling with what to eat and drink as I have pretty bad IBS also :( so its a choice of stop breathing or be stuck on the loo in agony at the moment, the joys!

anyway, good luck! I am interested about the redbush tea as I am really missing tea :(

RAS said...

Welcome Claire to the world of cabbage, bananas and fish! Sorry, redbush tea only works when I have a virus - and is meant to be off-limits. Camomile tea??!

re IBS you may find that tackling salicylates makes a big difference, if that is your problem. As the WAO says, it seems to be a "multi-organ" disease.


Claire said...

Haha, sounds very appealing ;) I could try it though I think it smells like pee at times!

I actually like bananas which is a good, though i dont think it will make up for the lack of wine and chilli in my life ;)