Friday, April 24, 2009

Trying to catch a cold

I met somebody with a cold today so I stood close to see if I could catch the virus. This is because when I had cold and flu bugs during the winter my tolerance of the allergy was improved massively - and I was able to drink wine, redbush tea and "try" stuff etc.



Unknown said...

I suffer from an immune disorder and live with almost daily flu-like symptoms (headache, throat pain, exhaustion) and experience a total relief when I catch a cold (aside from the low-grade cold symptoms which are minor compared to my regular daily symptoms.)

What's the link here between you & me?!

RAS said...

So I'm not alone! What kind of immune disorder? I find it interesting when I talk to people to see there's a spectrum of linked problems across conditions with different diagnoses.

Unknown said...

I'm very excited to find someone else with this common cold phenomenon!

My illness appears to be autoimmune, but doesn't fall into any established category. So I guess our similarity would be an exaggerated immune response?

I just started low dose Naltrexone. Really interesting. It was originally developed as an opioid blocker to treat addicts, but they found in low doses it improves immune function.
(here's a good explanation of L.D.N)

I guess a lot of people with autoimmune disorders are having great success with this treatment, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.