Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring fever!

Things have only gone from bad to worse over the last week. Yesterday I went for a drive in the country and my arms, bare in the sunshine, flared up with a spreading rash. And I started sneezing and weeping from my left eye. I had really tried for several days to keep away from problem substances although I did have small glass of Scotch on Friday night.

I wanted to top up my montelukast with an anti-histamine overnight but found I had run out.

It's interesting the way I was so tolerant over the Christmas period - apparently because of  cold and flu viruses - and yet at this time of year I'm finding it all difficult.

I've noted in the past that even if  there is no pollen allergy, there may be a problem with a kind of pseudo-hay fever caused by hedge trimmings, grass mowings etc getting into circulation - that is to say it's not the pollen but the vegetable matter itself that's a problem.



Anonymous said...

Perhaps it wasn't the country surroundings that caused your symptoms but a withdrawal from anti-histamines.

For example:

RAS said...

Interesting observation. There was a specific and noticeable flare-up when we went out in the country with the windows open - that's what was so odd.

So far as anti-histamines, I was taking Piriteze, which is a formulation of cetirizine. When I had an anti-histamine prescription the consultant advised levocetirizine to minimise the side-effects. It's much cheaper to buy over the counter than get a prescription.

Here's a clickable link to your interesting blog.