Thursday, April 16, 2009

Singapore chow mien

My skin's just about clearing up now after a disastrous outing on Monday night. Having taken a vow of abstention on Monday morning after the weekend excesses, I stuck to it.

Sadly I had to attend a meal at one of those buffet restaurants where they serve dishes of the world. I tried. I drank water only.

And I managed to fill a plate with spaghetti, lettuce and mozarella cheese. Then wandering around I saw some plain prawns so I added those. Next thing I knew I was being pursued by an Indonesian chef who told me I needed to get my meal cooked. "No spices" I said. "Spices?" he said. "No spices" I said.

Into a wok went my meal and an incredibly rhythmic form of cooking ensued. So far as I could tell all he was adding was some kind of oil.

Then I tried to eat it. It was delicious - just like Singapore chow mien which I used to love. Hot and juicy. After a few bites I realised I should not be eating it, not at all. So I went to fill the plate again - sadly they had not topped up the bowl of spaghetti and I did not dare filch any prawns again.

I took an anti-histamine before going to bed, another montelukast in the morning and an anti-histamine the following night. I hate anti-histamines - they have all sorts of side-effects. My skin, already hypersensitive from the weekend, stayed flared up pretty well until today. It's still quite spotty but not very red.


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